5 July,2014

Eastern Tobacco company’s factory

10 stairs for Eastern Tobacco company’s factory at the 6th of october city for Detac Constructions company
5 July,2014

Cement tanks at Portsaid governorate

2 cement tanks at Portsaid governorate for 3M company capacity 150 tons 22m height and 3m diameter
5 July,2014

4tanks at ElSadat city

4tanks at ElSadat city diameter 190 cm height 3 m
2 November,2015

Road Signs for Balsam Trade

Road Signs for Balsam Trade company at Cairo Alex Desert Road and El Mosheer Tantawy Road at the 5th District – executed by UNION for metal […]
21 March,2018

Sari flag height

(The Highest Flag Pole In Egypt) Customized Flag Pole for Madinaty Height …… – Diameter …….
21 March,2018

Concrete Tanks

2 Concrete Tanks – 150 Ton – 22m height – Port Said Governate – 3M company  
21 March,2018

Cairo Festival City Mall

16 Steel & Aluminium Window for Cairo Festival City Mall Size 6x6m
21 March,2018

Road Signs

Road Signs – Alexandria Desert Road & Martyr Road